The air conditioners in our homes are one of the most essential devices for our comfort, especially in the summertime. It ensures we remain cool so that our house can provide respite against the heat.

However, If you don’t schedule routine AC tune-ups, your air conditioning system loses efficiency as it ages. Due to dust traps, obstructions, or any other reason, the system may eventually need to work harder. This will result in it consuming more energy than it should and raising your utility bills. This is exactly why you need an AC tune-up. Call us for AC Tune up in Norwalk, Milan, Monroeville, OH and surrounding areas. 

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How do you know when it is time?

  1. It Emits Strange Sounds: If your air conditioner is old, you must be accustomed to the sounds it produces when it is turned on. It’s time for your air conditioner to get tuned up if you hear any new, unusual noises. Hissing, whistling, buzzing, or an ominous thud are some common sounds that indicate trouble.
  2. Increase in Utility Bills: It may be an indication that your air conditioner is using more energy than usual if you see a rise in your utility costs without a corresponding increase in consumption. This often occurs as a result of poor maintenance. If you don’t schedule routine AC tune-ups, an air conditioning system loses efficiency as it ages.
  3. AC becomes Inefficient: Your air conditioner won’t serve its special purpose if it is pumping out warm or room temperature air. To avoid dirt and grime being the primary cause of your AC’s inefficiency, your air conditioner coils or air filters may need to be cleaned.
  4. It Gives Off a Bad Odor: You should take action to resolve the situation before it becomes worse if you smell something unpleasant and believe it is coming from your air conditioning system. Numerous things, like moist filters, a blockage in the condensate drain line, or a growth of mold or fungus, might cause the odor.
  5. Poor Airflow: You rely on your air conditioning system to deliver steady airflow regardless of the season to maintain the proper temperature. A leaking duct, clogged filters, or possibly both are the cause of poor airflow. A simple flow of air through the system is hampered by clogged ducts or dirty air filters. Clogs can cause pricey repairs if they are not removed.
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Features of an AC tune-up:

  1. Condenser coils should be thoroughly cleaned. By doing this, you may lessen system wear and tear and boost efficiency, which has a direct impact on energy expense.
  2. To maintain peak operational performance, the coolant level should be assessed. All moving parts should be lubricated to reduce friction and wear which could raise your energy expenditures.
  3. Your thermostat’s complete calibration to ensure effective operation a check for potential energy loss in the ducting.
  4. Checking and tightening each and every electrical connection to ensure the system is operating safely.
  5. Check the blower belt’s condition and the blower motor’s function.


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